Welcome to Peya's Papillons

We want to present you our small Papillonkennel and give your some information about our dogs and us.

Our Papillon live fully integrated in the house and garden and accompany us through everyday life. They also contest tournaments in obedience or agility. We want to breed a Papillon, which also meets the standard and can compete in international shows

Our breeding goal is to breed a beautiful, healthy and both physically and mentally resilient Papillon, which makes joy in everyday life as well as in the competition..

We value very good Papillon's with the "will to please" which come from healthy parents. Our Papillon are clinically tested PL 0/0, Cataract, PRA and genetically PRA1, Willebrand, NAD and Factor VII. We keep up to date with the health aspects of Papillon and deal with ethics, attitude and heredity. Breeding is a challenge and a responsibility and we face it every day.

We breed with FCI papers and are therefore subject to the regulations of VDH Verband Deutscher Kleinhunde Züchter e.V. We breed only with healthy dogs.

For questions we are at your disposal.


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